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Are you a woman who believes in the core values of the Liberal Party but feels underrepresented in the current political landscape? Join Hilma's Network, a vibrant community designed to connect and empower liberal-minded women like you.

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Hilma's Network

The average Australian is a female 37-year-old, but the average Liberal Party member is a male in his 60s.

This disconnect is hindering the Liberal Party’s ability to produce policies, a culture and a brand that speaks to women.

Hilma’s events take place once every two months.

Details for all of our events are sent to subscribers of our network in the weeks prior.

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How is the Liberal Party tracking on gender representation?

View the graphs below for both Federal & State.

*This information was collated by researchers on April 2nd 2023.
*Hilma’s Network endeavors to update this data quarterly in order to track progress.



Western Australia

South Australia


Northern Territory



New South Wales

In Conclusion

Hilma’s Network wants to see a rapid influx of women, and a lowering of the average age of Liberal Party members. We believe we can do this by building a community.

We want to connect Liberal-minded women and proactively engage with them through curated events.

Our target audience is women aged 30-60 as we know this is a void in our membership.

While finding female candidates to run in elections would be a fantastic byproduct, our focus is on membership. We believe preselections are one of the most fundamental parts of our democratic process, but many fail to understand its importance. Even if your worst nightmare is running for Parliament, there is still huge value in Party membership because you will be involved in the preselection process and able to support other women who do want to run.

We are founded by Charlotte Mortlock and Alex Schuman.

Who's Hilma?

In 1902, Hilma Molyneux Parkes, who had been a leader in the New South Wales suffrage movement, formed the Women's Liberal League of NSW.

The League fought hard and was ultimately successful in winning the right for women to vote in pre-selections.

Today, Hilma’s Network pays tribute to the long line of people who have advocated the plight of women before us, and aims to make the path easier for those that follow.

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